Friday, April 3, 2015

St. Louis

Right now i am in the Dury hotel in St. Louis. Tomorrow i am going to the arch and the City museum. I am having alot of fun. It took a pretty long time to get here. We are right by the trains so if we need to go anywhere we can just walk right across the street, so that is pretty nice. Today we went to the butterfly house, American girl store and got our dolls hair done, we also went to this carosel place and we got to ride the carosel i thought that was pretty cool, and it was! For supper we went to Hard Rock Cafe there food was really good and our waitress was really nice. They had like a little gift shop and me and my sisiter each got to pick something to get. Then we came back to the hotel and went swimming then they had like a little free snack/supper thing, so that is my weekend so far!! 


  1. Sounds like such a fun time. I love Hard Rock Cafe. They always have the best burgers. Enjoy every moment of your trip!

  2. I did enjoy it a lot. How are you?